An Evening with Sheriff Mike Taylor

The “littles” of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Danville Area spent an evening with Sheriff Mike Taylor at the United Way, 308 Craghead St. on July 18, 2017. After dinner, the Sheriff gave the youth wise council about gang participation and the outcomes. He also led a discussion about the results of criminal activity and where it leads. Sheriff spoke about how criminal activity has a negative effect on the individual, family, and community. He also went on to explain how it creates lasting effects financially, mentally, and physically. Lastly, he reminded them that he did not want to see any of them come through the Pittsylvania Co. Justice system ever in their lives. We would like to thank Sheriff Taylor for sharing with our young people about such an important topic. For more information, please call Pat Daniel (434) 792-3700 Ext. 234.

Sheriff Mike Taylor