School-Based Mentoring

School-Based mentoring makes school fun! As a School-Based Big Brother or Big Sister, you can improve the life of a local child simply by spending one hour per week at his or her school.

Remember edible paste, short chairs, and recess?
The School-Based Mentoring Program is an innovative approach created by Big Brothers Big Sisters to reach a more diverse population of children. The program is designed to foster youth’s academic development as well as improve social skills. The volunteer meets with the student on the school campus, once a week during school hours, for a minimum of one year. It is our goal that through academic support, positive role modeling, and a one-to-one friendship, students will succeed.

The essence of creating strong mentor-student matches is the careful selection, training and support of volunteers. Applicant processing includes a Virginia state criminal background check, two written references, and an in-person interview.

Mentoring DOES make a difference.
Students involved in Big Brothers Big Sisters’ School-Based program were assessed by teachers, parents and volunteers for two consecutive school years. The results were very encouraging. They:

  • developed more positive attitudes toward school.
  • achieved higher grades in math, social studies and languages.
  • experienced improved relationships with adults.
  • experienced improved relationships with peers.
  • were better able to express feelings.
  • developed increased self-confidence.
  • were more likely to trust their teacher.


  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Subject to criminal background, DMV and Child Protective Services checks