transformsWe transform communities. By matching children with adult mentors in one-to-one relationships, we transform the life of a child (a Little), transform the life of an adult (a Big) and together transform our schools, our neighborhoods and our communities for the better.

Our programs are transformational: Our focus is to connect Bigs (adults) with Littles (children) in one-to-one relationships that not only transform the lives of the Bigs and Littles and their families, but that also transform communities.

Simple acts of mentoring yield powerful results. In fact, independent studies have confirmed that, in contrast to their non-mentored peers, Little Brothers and Little Sisters:

  • Decreased their use of violence – 30% were less likely to hit someone.
  • Improved relationships with peers, adults and parent(s) – 37% became more trusting of their parent or guardian, and 35% got along better with their peers.
  • Resisted substance abuse - 46% less likely to begin using illegal drugs.
  • Improved school attendance – 52% were less likely to skip school.

Additionally, Littles in our programs continue to benefit from their participation into adulthood. Former Littles are happier, healthier and more accomplished than their non-mentored peers, according to a study on adult Littles:

  • 90% said their Big made them feel better about themselves.
  • 85% said their Big influenced them to have confidence in their abilities.
  • 84% learned the importance of helping others as the result of participating in the program.
  • 81% said their Big changed their perspective on what they thought possible in life.