Match Stories

These real life stories are just a few examples of how Big Brothers Big Sisters of Danville Area is making a BIG difference for children across the region.

geraldziquanGerald and Ziquan 
One day a member of the Big Brothers Big Sisters board came to the office, and said to send the owner of O’kelly’s a volunteer application. She informed us of how eager he was to become a Big. Gerald had a personal interview and all of his references reported the same thing. They implied that he would be an asset to a child and any other organization that is a part of. Gerald was matched with a wide eyed and busy 9 year old named Ziquan. The “little” knew that this was the best thing that could have happened to him. They visit and talk almost every day. Gerald has taught what it is to be responsible.

The youth is learning to work hard for what he wants. Ziquan has been able to travel, visit the family, and play fun games. The most exciting part of all of this is the “little’ gets a weekly haircut, picks out his own suits, sings in the choir, and attends church with his “Big”. This month brings a lot of joy to both Gerald and Ziquan. Thanks to the J. T. Minnie Foundation for help with this match.”

Vicki and Bianca
PhotoVicki has been a dedicated volunteer for four years. She has involved her Little, Bianca, in a wide variety of activities including sports, dance, exercise and cooking together. As she always strives to enhance her mentoring skills, Vicki consistently attends Big Brother Big Sisters volunteer training sessions and annual agency events.

Bianca regularly attends school and has become involved in both school and outside activities. She participates in sports and choir. Due to Vicki’s encouragement, Bianca is an active church member and enjoys the fellowship it offers as well as the opportunity to be part of various church groups. Thanks to her Big’s help, she is learning to manage money and her personal finances, which will benefit her greatly as an adult. Bianca said, “I have the best big sister, she has a big heart and is very nice. I got to meet her family and I feel like a part of the family. She took me on two vacations, one to Wilmington, NC and Richmond, VA. We go to the gym and mall. She is a good listener and I know she cares because when I do wrong she corrects me. I thank BBBS and Ms. Daniel for matching me with my big sister. My big sister rocks.”

Vicki and Bianca are a strong, long lasting match. Vicki has dedicated herself to Bianca’s positive growth and nurturing a solid, long-term relationship. Her “never give up” spirit continues to enhance a successful match. Vicki said, “I have had a good four years with my little sister. Our times together has meant as much to me as I hope it has to her. She has helped fill a void in my life especially since I have never had a sister. My goal has been to not only make a positive impact on Bianca’s life but to provide her with new experiences and opportunities to grow. Although the initial commitment was for one
year, Bianca and I will remain sisters for years to come. In fact, we will grow old together.

Harry and Javonte
Favorite activities: Playing golf

PhotoAs the new school year gets underway, Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Danville area is looking for adults to become a part of its school-based mentoring program. Its school mentoring program matches an adult or college student with a child in kindergarten through eighth grade. The child and mentor meet one hour a week at school eating lunch together, working on homework, playing games or just talking.

“Just because the school year begins, doesn’t mean that the need for mentors stops,” said Pat Daniel, executive director of Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Danville area. “When it comes to giving back to our community’s youth, the opportunities are endless with Big Brothers Big Sisters.”

In fact, the organization’s school-based program mentoring program has shown to be an effective aspect of the mentoring relationship. In its nationwide school-based mentoring study, Littles improved in a range of areas, including academic attitude, performance and behavior.

“Being a Big is one of the joys of my life,” said Harry Waller, mentor with Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Danville area. “I’ve had the opportunity to introduce Javonte to new experiences, like playing golf. I can already tell that being a part of Big Brothers Big Sisters is making an impact in his life.”

Goldia and Ka’Miya

Photo“We have a great relationship”, said Goldia, “and I really like K’Miya’s whole family.” Goldia’s interactions with Ka’Miya enrich her academically and socially. She communicates regularly with her teachers to help Ka’Miya stay on task and focus on academics. Goldia does not let any obstacle stand in her way to spend time with her Little. She is patient and inspires trust and a sense of responsibility, which she strives to impart to Ka’Miya. “I really enjoy being a Big Sister because it allows me to continue what I truly love, being a teacher.” Goldia retired last year as a teacher from Forest Hills Elementary School.

Since becoming Goldia’s Little Sister, Ka’Miya has shown a marked improvement in attitude and behavior. She is always ready and eager to spend time with her Big Sister, and thoroughly enjoys all the new opportunities afforded her through their relationship. . “I really like having a Big Sister”, said Ka’Miya. “She takes me lots of place like the library, the movies and McDonalds.” K’Miya also attends Big Brothers Big Sister functions as an active and engaged participant.

In another Big Brothers Big Sisters volunteer role, Goldia participates in the Alpha Kappa Alpha weekly Reading Program, and brings K’Miya to the program as well. She assists Littles with homework and works on reading skills with them. Goldia is always creative and resourceful, bringing something new to every encounter with her Little. Ka’Miya’s parent says, “I would vote for Goldia to be Big of the Year.”

School-Based Match
On a visit to Woodberry Elementary School, I ran into “M”, one of the school-based mentor athletes from Averett University. I asked him what he was doing at that school. He said he was there to visit his mentee. I reminded him that I had forms signed with him and his mentee from Forest Hills Elementary School, not Woodberry. He said he had a mentee there, too.

The answer to this puzzle was revealed. The original Big for the Little at Woodberry, graduated from Averett that December, and the Averett Coach did not want the Little to be without a Big, so he assigned “M”. “M” said he had time on his hands and a place in his heart for Big Brothers Big Sisters. This was his fourth year as a Big for our school based program. Not only is he a dedicated athlete, he is a dedicated Big.

Community-Based Match
As I started to prepare for “Match Day”, I heard nervousness and butterflies from everyone but the new Little, “A”. Her mother wanted to meet the Big, “J”, to make sure she was worthy to spend time with her child. She wanted to be sure that everything would be just right for her daughter. We assured her that we had completed the necessary documents to insure a successful match. She was still nervous about the meeting.

On the way to “A’s” house, “J” talked about how much she cared for her new Little and could hardly wait to be able to do activities with her outside school and home. However, she too was nervous. She wanted “A’s” mom to like her and for everything to go smoothly. She kept saying, “I know I am doing the right thing”.

When we arrived, everyone had an opportunity to visit under the big oak tree out back. Both women had their time to share and ask questions, and “A”, the Little, just smiled as the exchange took place. The breeze blew and the nervousness was swept away, and replaced with hugs and smiles. Another wonderful Match Day for Big Brothers Big Sisters.