Daly’s Day of Donating

The Daly Seven Corporation in conjunction with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Danville Area kicked off the Daly’s Day of Donating on Wednesday, August 1st. The Daly Seven Corporation staff and leaders choose a total of three sites in Danville, VA, Greensboro, NC, and Raleigh, NC, to host the events. Tammy Hobbs, Regional Director of Sales & Marketing was the event coordinator.  The face painting , a photo booth, skating, snacks, food, and giveaways all were included in this spectacular day at Skatetown. Joe Daly, Corporate Director of Sales opened up this event with a smile and plenty of fun. This marks the second year that the Daly’s Corporation has privileged the organization with this event.

A Trip to the Kaleideum North Museum

Approximately 40 “littles”, “Bigs” and staff went to the Kaleideum North Museum (SciWorks) in Winston-Salem, NC on Friday, July 27th. The museum includes interactive science learning areas, a planetarium, exhibits, and an outdoor environmental park. They all had an opportunity to learn about the solar system and galaxy. After a day of learning, the youth and volunteers enjoyed a meal at the local K&W.

Annual Fellowship Picnic

The Moriah C. Price Mission’s team of the Loyal Baptist Church hosted their  for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Danville Area. Hamburgers, hot dogs, and sweet treats made the day for twenty littles and friends. The Mission’s team provided back to school packets for each child present. It was all about fun and games.


Coach Johnson Recognized for Dedication to His Little

Aaron-&-Coach-JohnsonHarry and Aaron have been matched for seven years in March. When they met, the volunteer had retired from the Danville Public Schools. He had been employed by the District for more than thirty years as a Varsity High School coach for boys’ basketball. The coach had winning state tiles and many boys to join the NBA. The main thing is that he had a genuine love and concern for children. He is one of the beloved figures of this community. Coach Johnson wanted to continue his relationship with BBBS beyond previously serving on the board years ago. The next step was for him to have a little. The agency was able find a little boy who was struggling academically and with his behavior. The youth had a poor relationship with his family, especially his mother.

Seven years ago, Harry met Aaron who at the time was eleven. When they met, the little had a lot of anger issues that landed him in the District’s school that dealt with behavior issues. Aaron did not have interest in improving his grades. In addition, the youth could not get along with his mom and was very disrespectful.

As the match progressed, the agency saw changes in his behavior and grades. The youth returned to the regular classroom and got on graduation track for college. The little’s grades improved to the point that he became an Honor Roll student, and remained that way until he graduated. The youth had an interest in playing sports. Coach Johnson gave him this piece of advice: It is good to excel at sports, but get an education first. This is something that you will be able to fall back on. Plus, Coach told him to take his aggression out on the playing field. So, Aaron did just that. He became a team player who showed more confidence and a better attitude at home, on team, and in the classroom.

Last year, Aaron applied and was accepted with full academic scholarships at two different colleges and universities. He is a freshman at Old Dominion University, majoring in engineering. The youth is doing well in his classes. When he is at home, the little visits with his mentor. Coach now suffers “dementia.” The tables have turned, and the little picks his BIG up and takes out for ice cream. Aaron has taught his sibling how to give back too. So he visits the Coach too to ask for advice.

Daniel Attends National BBBS Conference

Pat Daniel, Executive Director of BBBS of Danville Area and Charleston Edwards, BBBS of America Marketing, attended the National Conference in St. Louis MO. Charleston who is originally from Gretna, VA is instrumental in the planning and implementation of the national conference.


Pat and Charleston (2)