Farm Raiser a Success … Thank You!

On Saturday, October 18, The Farm Raiser was a success and we would like to take the time out to thank everyone who contributed to this wonderful event. Thanks to the chefs: Shannon and Scot Jones; Serena Wiles; and Torrey Blackwell. We appreciate the bartenders: Mr. Wiles; Mr. King; and Mr. Foster.  Arlene Creasy ran the “fifty-fifty;” and Missy Gould ran the silent auction. Steven Gould was the gatekeeper and the ticket collector. Thanks to the Gretna Gang the desserts and all that they did. Felecia King contributed her fabulous punch. Thanks to the Pittsylvania County Treasurer and her trusty assistant for their checks and balances on the revenue. We were also ecstatic to have some of the Discovery Channel crew in attendance showing their support. (Last attached photo) Thank you all!