VA Alliance of BBBS Directors

The VA Alliance of BBBS Directors attended a two-day seminar that culminated with a meeting at Virginia State University’s Presidents House. We were joined by the President of the University, Dr. Makola Abdullah and Mentoring Advisor, Mr. Darryl Stuckey. Special guest included Miss Virginia, Tatum Sheppard, whose platform is “youth mentoring.” Pictured (left to right): Athena Gould (Charlottesville), Danielle Cohen (Richmond), Tatum Sheppard, Dr. Abdullah, Pat Daniel (Danville), Darryl Stuckey, Michelle Hedrick (Fredericksburg), and Lindsey Douglas (Harrisonburg).

Our CEO Pat Daniel, member of Alpha Kappa Alpha, is pictured below with members of Alpha Phi Alpha Dr. Makola Abdullah, president of VSU and Mr. Darryl Stuckey, Mentoring Advisor.